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The Breakthrough Blog

The Breakthrough Blog is about creating a community of people striving for what they want out of life.  In my study of the successful and my own journey, I have come to realize that what separates most of us from living our life’s passion is not luck, background, or even our circumstances.  What bridges the gap between the life we have, and the life we want are practical life lessons, success principles, and habits of mind when learned and then acted upon will produce the opportunities that lead to the results we desire.

My vision for this blog is to highlight many of the small steps that lead to great breakthroughs.  The beauty of the blog format is that you are invited to share your experiences, perspectives, stumbles and breakthroughs in an effort to help, motivate and inspire others.  In this blog, I share the lessons I share my own experiences as well as the experiences of others and then give you coaching questions to apply those lessons to your own life.

No breakthrough is too small to mention, or too large to celebrate.  We are all at different places on our individual journeys so I encourage you to share when you’re moved to do so. Building success momentum is about taking small daily steps that lead to breakthrough results.  I look forward to growing from our shared experiences.  If you’re interested in The Breakthrough Blog updates or having a daily Powerful Thought delivered to your email, please subscribe at http://www.unfoldthesoul.com/


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