We DON’T get what we DESERVE….

We don’t get what we DESERVE, we get what we CREATE. This has been an incredible week of breakthroughs for me.  I shared with my Facebook and Twitter family that I was selected to deliver the closing keynote at The Professional Learning Communities Conference in Boston this coming August.  Check the link below:

More than the opportunity to bring an already great conference to a close, what has me in a place of reflection is the journey that has brought me to this point.  Here’s a great quote that my friend and colleague Greg Kushnir reminded me of:

“Set goals for yourself that will make you the best you can be.
You don’t get what you DESERVE, you get what you CREATE.
Create a tomorrow for yourself.  If you don’t fashion it,
someone else will.”
-Deep and Sussman

The notion of speaking, training and presenting to audiences across the nation about content I am passionate about started as a mere thought.  Back in 2001, I sat at the back of an auditorium listening to Dr. Rick DuFour talk about a school improvement and leadership model.  Though I expected to sit in the back and write emails on my new Palm I-705 (super slow emailing but exciting nevertheless back in ’01), I found myself leaning forward and listening to his presentation.  After becoming completely sold out to his work, I attended a conference where he delivered a keynote, and it was there that the thought ran through my head….”I can do that…”  Now, you’re probably thinking of the elevendy-hundred times you’ve found yourself in the same situation where you have had a creative (I can do that) thought, where something immediately and powerfully resonated with you.

From there I decided to work my way through a huge crowd to stick my hand out and introduce myself.  I took action before I could talk myself out of why I should keep my butt in my seat.  Dr. DuFour and I spoke briefly, and after the conference, I was proactive and kept in touch.  There have been dozens of different opportunities that I’ve taken advantage of to nurture the relationship with my new mentor and eventually he and his wife Becky DuFour invited me to work with them.

Ok, while that was one helluva fast-forward with many steps, challenges, decisions and opportunities in between, there is a bottom line…no, better yet, a fine line that is the thrust and essence of this post.  And that is:

It is up to YOU to create the life YOU desire.  The fine line that separates those who live as they want and  everyone else is the decision to TAKE ACTION.

This idea of taking action often amounts to a simple step, an email, a phone call, a handshake, a business plan, a question, or some research….each step that I’ve taken along this wonderful journey of living my life on purpose has led to another path being revealed to me.  We don’t always know what the next step is, and will never know if we don’t take risks and take action.


Questions for Reflection:

1.    What creative nudges have you been getting that you have yet to act upon?
2.    What gift are you not being responsible for or responding to?
3.    What ONE step can you take TODAY in the service of making a breakthrough?

Points to Consider:

1.    The fact is, “if nothing changes, nothing changes.” The change that I’m referring to is not the environment around you, but the “invironment” within you (the thoughts and beliefs you carry on the inside).
2.    Taking action is a muscle, and it’s pretty similar to the physical muscles we have.  When we work them, they work for us.  With each action step you take, you will find the next one easier to take.  So, get started NOW!

If this post resonated with you, please share feedback, as well as moments in your own journey.  From first-step breakthroughs to the ones that result in the realization of our desires, they are all valuable experiences.  As my wife Nicole always reminds me, “We are all on our individual journeys.”  Looking forward to hearing about them.



Ken Williams is a speaker, trainer, author and breakthrough coach. He is a contributing author of The Collaborative Administrator. He is Chief Visionary Officer of Unfold The Soul, a company dedicated to helping individuals make the life they have, the life they want. Unfold The Soul also supports teams and organizations function at peak performance. Follow Ken on Twitter at: http://twitter.com/unfoldthesoul. Click Here to subscribe to The Breakthrough Blog.



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5 responses to “We DON’T get what we DESERVE….

  1. Carla Ploof

    I love this journey that is your life… and I will never tire of hearing it. For me, it is the epitome of “taking the first step”. You took the first step by literally making your way to DuFour through that crowd… and just kept that momentum going until it has grown into exactly where you are and what you are doing right this very moment. 🙂

    My own journey began more like “just stick your foot on the gas” and I wouldnt have gotten there without you! You are priceless to me.

    • Ken

      Thanks so much CP! I am “breathing through these incredible events” like Nicole advised me to…momentum is incredible…and now things happen with avalanche pressure. Part of setting yourself up for success and fulfillment is surrounding yourself with people who can support your efforts. You take care of all the things that would DRIVE ME CRAZY and with that, I can focus more on living through my gifts. Thank you for that…the ride is JUST beginning!

  2. Janae Sucher

    So this might be completely random, BUT that’s okay. I came across your blog when my older sister shared with me your unfoldthesoul website. She happens to be a former student of yours (Melanie) and we still have very fond memories of you! I am now in my 3rd year of teaching elementary school in Utah and am in love with my job. I went to a day-long training on PLCs by the DuFour’s last year and was so impressed with them. Good for you for getting out into that field as well. It’s so important for teachers to be reminded to focus on what really matters and not get bogged down. Keep up the great work!

    • Ken

      I’ve notified the authorities of this identity theft attempt…Little Janae Sucher is a darling 6 yr old who could barely speak when I was in the room. I taught her sister Melanie….

      NO WAY are you a third year teacher!!!! LOL.. OMG it’s sooooo great hearing from you…SOOOOOOO proud of you and on top of teaching, you are a PLC supporter! Boy, what I would give to have worked that institute! I did 5 this summer but not Utah….thanks for dropping me a line and for the encouragement. Love to you, My Melanie, and your family….


  3. Carllie Jaxen

    This was a great post! How can I put this on my facebook page? I am starting the Body for Life Program on Monday. Last week I saw a church member with an EAS drink in his bookbag and I asked him if he’d heard of the program… since then I have someone who has been doing the program for about 3 years now mentoring me with phone calls and emails. I am accountable to him for the 3 months…I would have never expected all of that to come out of one question but…it did. I joined a gym for the 3 months and fully expect my story to unfold with continued action steps on my part. Love you Bro… Keep sharing.

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